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Twisting machine
Braiding machine
Injection molding machine
Take-up and pay-off machine
Stripping machine
Peeling and twisting machine
Haul-off machine
Auxiliary machine
¡¡¡¡We are the main manufacturer and exporter of cable machines, such as: twisting machine,extruder,injection molding machine,braiding machine,take-up and pay-off machine,cutting machine,printing machine,coiling machine, and other cable machines. With years of experience on mass production and exportation, we are able to promise prompt delivery and favorable prices to our customers, OEM/ODM orders and your special requests are welcome. For more information, please CONTACT US by now.
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Honor SGS certificate

TEL: 0519-85123568
FAX: 0519-85123768
MOBILE: 13961476563
E-mail: sale@eagle-trade.sina.net

¡¡¡¡ Payment£º Sight L/C Usance L/C or Deposit ¡¡¡¡Delivery£º FOB China port 30-45 days after the receipt of L/C or the Proform Invoice¡¡¡¡Main Export£ºWorldwide

ADD:RM.550, Building 5-2, Taihuxi Road, Xingbei, CHANGZHOU, JIANGSU, CHINA
TEL: +86-519-85123568     +86-519-86870151      FAX: +86-519-85123768       MOBILE: 0086-13961476563
E-mail: sale@eagle-trade.sina.net        MSN: nileswu@hotmail.com    ËÕICP±¸05044303ºÅ