300-500 Horizontal high-speed cantilever single twisting machine
Used for high frequnce cable, data wire, electrical core wire such as HDMI, DP, USB, CAT-7.

ITEM EA-300-H EA-400-H EA-500-H
Core wire specification AWG36-AWG42 AWG30-AWG36 AWG24-AWG30
Twisted out dia. 1.0-3.0mm 1.0-4.0mm 2.0-5.0mm
Pitch scope 5-30mm 8-40mm 19-100mm
Rotation speed MAX1300rpm MAX1200rpm MAX1100rpm
Taping tension Power type taping, constant tension Electromagnetic type, constant tension Electromagnetic type, constant tension


Power:Pay-off: 1HP,Take-up:1/2HP,Main machine:5HP

Core wire tension:Slide moving, with the tension test

Take-up tension:Electromagnetism tension, cutomatic track, take-up tension keep constant from start to end

Traversing type:Row axis, ball screw, precise rails

Pay-off type:Three heads power pay-off, frequency control of motor speed, with the protection function of line break