Solar Controller 12/24v Power Controller 10A-30A Solar Charge Controller with 5V 1A USB Output for Home Use Solar Controller



Electrical system voltage identification.

System identification voltage after a few seconds,it display the current controller maximum output current.

Overload protection, Low voltage protection, Overvoltage protection .

solar charger has a total of 18 load control configuration mode for the user to choose from.

Load control mode 0 display.

Shows the load control mode(cycle approach).

2 shows the load control mode(Pure light-operated switch mode).

3 shows that the load control mode(electric drive,1-15 hours delay).

Set real time clock.

Mode 1 cycle to make an appointment time to adjust.

Load patterns memory function.



Solar Power Controller of light and night away less than 10 ma power flow, ideal for small power solar products, such as solar street lamp light, streetlight, DC Load, illumination, solar power system and so on